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Are web conferences making your organization vulnerable to corporate espionage?

Most of you reading this blog post are regularly using Zoom, GoToMeeting, Webex or some other web conference platform for meetings in your organization. It’s also likely that large meetings like all-hands, weekly updates or daily standups are conducted on these platforms.   For these larger meetings, do you keep track of who is on the …

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Save time by using the calendar add-on of your conference provider

Most conference systems including Zoom, Bluejeans, Gotomeeting and Webex offer a calendar add-on to help you schedule your conference calls.   Let’s look at the Zoom add-on. After you install the add-on, you’ll see a ‘Make it a Zoom Meeting’ button in your calendar when scheduling a meeting. When you click on the button the dial-in/login …

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Use this simple Google calendar feature to better manage time in your meetings

I’ve started to schedule 25-minute meetings instead of 30, and 50-minute meetings instead of an hour. I think this has multiple benefits Gives attendees time to prepare, walk over or troubleshoot their Gotomeeting or other conference connection I’ve found people take both the ‘start time’ the ‘end time’ more seriously. We’re all almost accustomed to …

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